About Us

Our Objectives

The Network is an incorporated association established under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act 1981. Its objectives are:

  • To provide information about the prevention and management of women’s mental health issues to health professionals, service providers, carers, consumers and the public;
  • To promote research into women’s mental health issues;
  • To promote opportunities for training and education in women’s mental health issues and women-sensitive practice;
  • To develop partnerships with key mental health and women’s organisations to create opportunities for women consumers, carers and service providers to work together in addressing mental health issues, and to share their experiences and information;
  • To promote systemic change in order to make mental health policies and services more responsive to women’s needs.


In 1988, a small group of concerned women identified crucial gaps in the Victoria’s mental health services available to women.

They found services were often unsafe with little attention was paid to the particular needs of female consumers.

These early advocates for change included consumers, carers, mental health workers and interested community members. The Network was born of their commitment.

A Committee of Management manages the Network and an Executive Officer executes the Strategic Plan.

The Committee of Management establishes Working Groups as required. These working groups cover areas such as funding, research, networking, training, advocacy and communication. Members may be co-opted to join the groups to provide special knowledge or skills.

Committee of Management

Executive Members

Julie Dempsey, Secretary

Cheryl Miller-Yell, Treasurer

Ordinary Members

Shelley Anderson

Hannah Harbinson

Sandy Jeffs

Fiona Jessep

Robyn Minty (Acting Vice Chair)

Bridget Nutting

Carol O’Dwyer

Judith Stamp

Michelle Swann