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July 2018

Quilt makers passion for helping others makes a difference to our state-wide aims

Julie and Robyn thanked the Wyndham Patchworkers in person recently for their cash donation and  beautiful quilts.


We were pleased to meet more than 30 women networking and supporting each other as being part for their community on a blowy but sunny Saturday afternoon. We observed their skill and their joy for being together and sewing madly on quilts and other items! Great fun meeting them all!

After chatting about who we are and what we do as a volunteer organisation, we mentioned that much was on hold in terms of program development given the challenges of gaining sustainable funding. These wonderful women encouraged us to continue our advocacy and women’s forums which were seen as a ‘no brainer’ for informing mental health system reform. Many testified being touched personally by a lived experience or caring for someone with mental ill health.

As we continue to collaborate with govt and other agencies we shall always remember that there are those supporting us from behind the scenes like these our new Network ‘friends’ from Wyndhamvale! It’s heartening to have this encouragement after 3o years of punching above our weight for systems change- they reminded us that we are more relevant than ever before.

WMHNV thanks Wyndham Patchworkers for their generous donation: Manor Lakes Community Learning Centre


August 2018

The Chief Psychiatrist announces the release of the Chief Psychiatrist Guideline and Practice Resource: Family Violence. Click HERE to see online.

This guideline outlines the Chief Psychiatrist’s expectations of Victorian public mental health services regarding family violence. It provides guidance for services about responding to people who experience family violence and improving the way they work with people who perpetrate family violence


Big Issue Women’s Soccer team, Forensicare and the Network link up !

The Network first met the Big Issue Women’s soccer team in 2016 . The Big Issue’s women’s soccer team is part of The Community Street Soccer Program, known as Street Soccer, ‘a fun and exciting initiative of The Big Issue that uses the power of sport to change lives’.

Recently we rallied together with Forensicare patients and staff where a few of the WMHNV members work. We experienced a high active soccer clinic led by the Big Issue Women’s team – backdrop to the fantastic gym at Thomas Embling Hospital – where physical health and wellbeing programs are conducted as an integral part of recovery for patients.

We enjoyed a social time together after the action-packed clinic, our Network member Sandy Jeffs spoke about how sport had created a focus during her recovery, encouraging us all to make some time for linking into the community when possible. Sport being one of those activities that could benefit recovery and social inclusion – a lived experience that soccer players from Women’s Big Issue aspire to also in their team- that the power of sport can indeed make a difference to  women’s personal life experience.

Julie Dempsey (our secretary) gave a short synopsis about the Network’s aims, reflecting on our longtime friendship and collaboration with Forensicare over the years.

If you would like to join Big Issue Women’s Soccer- they play during the week on Thursdays – more info is at  their website The Big Issue or

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Mental Health Complaints Commissioner (MHCC) releases The right to be safe Report –

click on the MHCC link here.

You can also read our recently released WMHNV Hospital Experience Survey Report , to further safety for women, as part of responsive and healing mental health treatment and recovery service systems.

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