8th World Congress on Women’s Mental Health in Paris, France in March 

Women’s Mental Health Network Victoria representatives attended the 8th World Congress on Women’s Mental Health in Paris, France in March

Women’s Mental Health Network Committee Members Kate Stewart and Jess Duda, and Network Member Leigh Davidson represented the Network at the 8th World Congress on Women’s Mental Health in Paris, France in March (coinciding with International Women’s Day!).

Their attendance at this conference was self- funded and will support their current Forensic work with vulnerable women here in Melbourne. As members of the Network they bring to us their reflection on current treatments and models of care, their professional expertise and their commitment to women who have lived experience.

The Congress heard from 365 speakers from 62 countries!  the main domains of interest being gender equality, well-being and vulnerability (important contributors to Women’s Mental Health).

The conference offered an enriched suite of professional input, covering topics such as gender equality, well-being and vulnerability, as well as social, economic, ethical, legal, cultural, psychological and biological factors which affect Women’s Mental Health.

Our Network members had an opportunity to discuss recent research and developments in women’s mental health. Treatment options for gender specific mental illness were presented to assist professionals to identify women specific treatment options and to plan professional treatments based on psychosocial, economic and cultural contexts of women’s mental health. The depth of knowledge gained will be significant to the health sector even more broadly!

A gala dinner on the Seine River provided an opportunity for Kate, Jess and Leigh to Network with international specialists who specialise in women’s mental health and wellbeing in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, social work, gynaecology, obstetrics and family work.

The next World Congress on Women’s Mental Health will be held in Melbourne in 2021 – Network members plan to present contemporary research regarding mental health and gender inequality; as well as include the important lived experience perspectives ( https://www.iawmh2021.org/).

At the end of the Congress, Kate, Jess and Leigh even managed to sneak in some time for self-care at Disneyland!