State Government Advisory Groups Continue Their Important Work

Update on the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Diverse Communities and Intersectionality Working Group and other Advisory Groups.

Julie Dempsey, our Honorary Life Member, representing the Network at a number of government working groups, recently updated us on the work of the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Diverse Communities and Intersectionality working group as well as other advisory groups.

If we care for women at every intersect of mental health then homelessness, accessing community services, and family violence support are key areas that need to have direct, immediately accessible mental health worker expertise.


The Family Safety Victoria Diverse Communities and Intersectionality Working Group

continues to meet to give perspective and advice regarding diversity and intersectionality in programs/initiatives being developed in response to addressing the recommendations put forward by the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence.

Julie is often the sole voice representing the mental health sector and related needs of mental health consumers at these meetings.

Mental Health issues are integrally entwined in the occurrence of Family Violence as well as addressing many matters arising from it.

There is an ongoing need to have a mental health voice and presence in this field, which has many competing demands from other areas placed upon it.


The Intersectionality Capacity Building Project

This project has arisen from the Everybody Matters: Inclusion and Equity Statement  – part of a ten-year commitment to build an inclusive, safe, responsive and accountable family violence system in Victoria.

Julie has been involved extensively through workshops and consultations in developing resources, such as a Stakeholder Handbook inclusive of mental health considerations, to guide related service staff when working in the Family Violence Arena.

Final participatory sessions on tools and resources are planned for October.