Research and Training


Research – ‘Building in Safer and More Productive Outcomes for Consumers and Mental Health Workers: Key Findings of the Network’s 2016 Hospital Experience Survey.’

This report is our most recent research and the result of a survey of 42 consumers and 27 Mental Health Workers. The full report is located in our ‘Publications’ tab.

Training For Women Consumers

Female-only spaces are so, so important …
all I ever needed was somewhere ‘safe’ to retreat to …’

Women Speak Out Program

No-one can tell a story of mental illness like a woman who has been there and many women would appreciate the opportunity to share their experience.  Our Women Speak Out Program consumer advocacy training helps build confidence and skills to enable women with a Lived Experience of Mental Illness to actively participate in public forums or committees and services. Hearing the voice of women consumers can positively impact how services are delivered, and can result in improved work practices in inpatient and community settings. The Women Speak Out Program will help build a safe and gender sensitive mental health system for all women. The Network partners with individuals and relevant organisations to bring this program to women in the community.

Women in Rural and Regional Victoria

A pilot program, Breaking the Silence, has been funded by State Trustees and SNAP Gippsland (now Within Australia), for women in rural and regional Victoria.  It aims to help break down stigma and isolation and empower women to contribute to local community efforts to improve mental health. It is planned to put strategies in place to encourage women who undertake the program to support each other after the training has concluded. It is expected that over time the Breaking the Silence program will be rolled out to other parts of rural and regional Victoria. We will continue to build on our learnings and develop this program further.

Training For Health Professionals

Training – Building Gender-Sensitive and Safe Practice

Funded and now licensed to the Network by the State Government, The Network developed a fee-for-service Gender Sensitivity and Safety Training Program for all mental health services in Victoria.

The training modules have already been delivered to every acute mental health unit. To continue this work the training is available to the Mental Health Community Services Sector and Alcohol and Other Drugs services.  The aim is to provide insight into what consumers need from mental health staff and services.

Introductory information sessions are also available to services or community groups on request.

Contact the Network for further information about these programs or to volunteer on our Research and training Sub Committee